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SVO vocational training ‘Food’ was founded in 1926 as a private school for butchers. In more than 85 years SVO has become the training partner for the food industry. SVO has eight training locations where participants obtain practical MBO vocational education and trainings. SVO also provides in-company training. During an SVO course, the participants will work and learn at the same time. Ideal for those who are more practically oriented and want to get a head start in their career. Participants spend an average of one day a week at school. The other days, participants will work at a training company. This is called Apprenticeship Training (BBL). Depending on where the participant lives and works, he or she may opt for a training company in Goes, Groningen, Heerhugowaard, Roermond, Rijswijk (ZH), Wageningen, Zwolle or Best.

CoolProfs developed a systems for scheduling exams and handling the logistic process during the exam period (OSTA). This was built with the OutSystems platform. SVO also used OutSystems to build an integration layer between several core applications such as Eduarte (SaaS) to realize potential missing functionality in their digitalization process. With the integration layer in place SVO can develop at a much faster pace without having to change back-end systems and affect the current architecture. 

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