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TNT Express

TNT Express is the leading provider of global courier and express services for business customers in more than 200 countries and is a market leader in Europe. TNT ensures that documents, parcels and freight are delivered safely and on time. TNT ensures an optimal service. With 75,000 employees, weekly transport numbers for express parcels, documents and freight are about 4.4 million.

TNT Express makes use of several different applications developed by CoolProfs. We built  a service process application to implement an intelligent logistics solutions faster. This has helped TNT  proactively respond to customer expectations. Another area we helped TNT with was in procurement and their tender process. Here, we built an application which allows for a timely submission of tenders for complex services to corporate clients. We also built a data warehouse to support global account management. All applications were built by CoolProfs using the OutSystems platform.


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