CoolProfs works with our customers on innovative solutions. Innovations today require rapid feedback and agility. We therefore believe in working agile. All our consultants are Scrum Master certified and have a lot of experience in implementing agile working in our projects. They are also SAFe certified and have experience with Lean.

Based on our experiences in many projects with OutSystems, we introduced architected agile. We consciously take this into account in the application landscape and the system architecture. This prevents delays and unforeseen problems later in the process. Moreover, it stimulates reuse. If project teams are not or hardly familiar with agile working, we take them by the hand. We set the example and onboard team members. Experience shows that they will adapt to agile working quickly. If there is need for extra support with the introduction and roll-out of working agile, we would like to refer you to our sister company called Agile Right. These experienced agile specialists guide and train people and organizations.

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