Application architecture

A well-considered application architecture is the key to an agile and scalable environment.

CoolProfs always works with a layered architecture for a good alignment with the ever changing needs of the business, optimal user experience and better performance for the IT organization, maintainable and scalable applications.

Our architects think along with you about an application architecture that will improve the technological coherence of the various application components. Through a logical vision into functional layers and components, which work together, you detach new functionality and reuse of functionality.


OutSystems applications are part of the IT landscape and have often a lot of common ground with other systems. Integration aspects are therefore a standard part of the development process.

We have a lot of experience with integrating (ERP) systems and the development of APIs. For example, we have developed integrations for SAP, Oracle, Microsoft 365, Dynamics, Informatica and many others. This knowledge and software components save a lot of time.

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