Certimark is the warranty label. Certimark assesses and qualifies the warranties of manufacturers and retailers and once approved, the certificate is valid. Certimark also periodically monitors compliance at the manufacturers and retailers.

"We wanted to go live quickly. So the CoolProfs consultants had to be fast and flexible. And the development platform OutSystems helped in this."

Certimark, the warranty institution in the Netherlands, provides an independent assessment of warranties for, among others, consumer electronics and household appliances. In order to better inform consumers and quickly and easily provide insight into the assessed warranties, Certimark developed, in collaboration with CoolProfs, a whole new website in a very short time. The website, which is fully responsive, was developed with the development platform OutSystems and includes a tailor made CMS.

By fully aligning the website to the needs of consumers and making it easy to use, the use of the Certimark application is expected to increase. It should be a win-win situation: better understanding of warranties for the consumer and businesses who derive business value from warranting their designs. The new web application is very important in this, because it allows Certimark to make information accessible in a user-friendly and transparent way.

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