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Property Management for OutSytems

Development of OutSystems applications fits seamlessly with the CI/CD idea. However, this does imply that there are many release moments. But how robust are these release moments when it comes to properties? How sure are you that all properties have the right values in the different environments?

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Property settings of OutSystems applications are done per module. And per environment. Of course, you then need to know in which module you need to set which properties. This is often included in release documentation and done right after a release. Administrators must be available after the release to check all the settings and set them individually.

An important question is whether you can say with certainty that your release documentation about the properties to be set is accurate? Often you only find out during the release that you are missing properties. Worse still, you find out after the production release that there are endpoints that are still pointing at the wrong environment.

How convenient would it be to be able to view and manage all settings in all environments in one overview, where you can also prepare a new release in advance and implement it later by one press of a button?

It saves search and preparation time and prevents unnecessary errors. It also relieves the pressure on all those involved in a release.

The CoolConfigurator was developed to facilitate the above.

Improved Property Management

The Cool Configurator allows you to improve Property Management. You can monitor and manage the actual versus the configured values of:

• Site properties
• REST Web references
• SOAP Services
• Timers

You can now define “golden sources” of each environments and track & make changes to actual values across multiple environments.

Key benefits of using the Cool Configurator:

  • Complete overview of properties
  • Multi-tenancy support
  • Easy management across all environments
  • Minor dependency of Service Center
  • Simple migration of configuration management
  • Less human errors
  • Efficiency gains in property management
  • Authorization management from LifeTime

Cool Configurator on the OutSystems website.

Cool Configurator in the Forge.

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