CoolProfs has equipped its data migration product for OutSystems, the Cool Data Mover, with a new component. The Scheduler leads to an even higher level of automation of data migration projects!

Data migration between OutSystems environments is made easier, faster and more efficient thanks to the Cool Data Mover Scheduler. This new component is now available in the OutSystems Forge free of charge for all users of the Cool Data Mover.

Extensive automation
Previously, data operations such as export, import and delete had to be started manually. Thanks to the Scheduler these manual actions are a thing of the past. Now you can easily place the actions in a workflow and have them executed on a scheduled or ad hoc basis.

Make automatic migration of data packages from production environment to test environment a default part of every new test cycle. The Cool Data Mover Scheduler is an indispensable part of every CI/CD pipeline in OutSystems environments!

Emanuel Rietveld, DevOps Engineer at Rainforest Alliance about the Scheduler:
"This is a great addition to Cool Data Mover. If you have multiple data packages that need to run in a specific order, you can just add them all to a Scheduler workflow and trigger them all at once. It will automatically move from one package to another, even across environments, so you can export from environment A and then import in environment B. Saves so much time compared to doing it manually and you can even schedule it to run overnight!”

Benefits of the Scheduler:

  • High level of automation;
  • More efficiency, fewer errors;
  • Plan and execute data migrations whenever you want;
  • Transparent dashboard shows all planned actions;
  • Make the life of your DevOps team easier;
  • Brings CI/CD within reach for your organisation.

Cool Data Mover users can install the Scheduler easily and free of charge via the OutSystems Forge. If you aren’t using the Cool Data Mover yet and would like to receive more information about this data migration tool or the Scheduler plugin, Gerlof Wielinga or one of the other members of the Cool Data Team will gladly be of assistance!

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