In the past 10 years the municipality of The Hague and CoolProfs have developed the Cost Reduction Information Systems (KRIS) program:

  • Introduction of Continuous Delivery
  • Fast and professional development of business-critical applications in the Public Domain and Social Domain.
  • Connection of chain partners and integration with other systems, such as Socrates.
  • Realization of reusable KRIS components for the municipality of The Hague for an even shorter construction time.

The combined strength of the modern application platform OutSystems and the close cooperation has led to business-critical applications, which has accelerated the digitization within the municipality and resulted in a professionalization of its services to the citizens.

Social Domain
Since the decentralization of the social domain CoolProfs has been intensively involved in the digitization of the social domain within The Hague. We started with a system that supports the district care teams. Connecting chain partners and developing additional services is a continuous process. CoolProfs takes the lead in the development process, working closely with the district team members and process people of The Hague. This agile approach works to everyone's satisfaction.

Youth Care has also gone through a major digitalization process and due to changes in legislation and regulations, adjustments are continuously needed and private care providers are hooked up, etc.

CoolProfs has a workshop to support and deepen agile working. How to write a user story' developed. The employees of The Hague found this workshop very valuable.

Public Domain
We started small with the Garbage Calendar. This way both parties could experience the cooperation. A separate OutSystems development street was set up and the first major digitization hit was made with Mijn Haagse Werkzaamheden. This project was delivered within budget.

The Hague market also demanded far-reaching digitization. After that the mobile application for the market controllers quickly followed and interest came from Amsterdam for this solution. This co-creation initiative of The Hague and Amsterdam went live in 2019.

By having an OutSystems development street, new initiatives can be taken up quickly. Also the replacement and improvement of the system of the Rental Team of The Hague. The biggest gain here was the functionality that is now also available on a mobile phone. This project resulted in a nomination for the Computable Award in the Digital Project category.

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