We have experienced that taking time for a good preparation pays off. This avoids many unforeseen problems later in the project, such as obstacles to scaling up.

Depending on your objectives, available resources and wishes, we can help you with a well thought-out start: not only the implementation of the OutSystems environment, but also the design of the architecture and your own corporate identity can be taken care of quickly. We also support your employees developing with OutSystems and with agile working in a practical perspective.

CoolProfs Code Guide

One of our greatest learning points from our projects is that standardization delivers high-quality and consistent software development. These standards can be found in the CoolProfs Code Guide. Working according to this code guide ensures that:

  • Developers share and take over each other’s work easily;
  • Beginning OutSystems developers rapidly integrate in the teams;
  • In-house and outsourced maintenance departments easily adept support.
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