Our R&D team focuses 100% on new developments and trends and translate these into products and services for our customers.


One of the developments initiated by the R&D team is the Hyperion platform. Hyperion is a fully automated CI/CD environment and can be purchased modularly. It offers good practice regarding way of working, tooling, OutSystems architecture and other things. Think of it as your own R&D playground!

Hyperion is our innovation environment where we:

  • test the latest OutSystems features in beta,
  • participate in early access programs,
  • test new technologies, such as integration tools, speech recognition, AI, and chatbots,
  • develop components that can be used by customers and other OutSystems users to accelerate the delivery of projects.

Our Hyperion members get access to the latest features: a so-called Sandbox for your own environment in which to play, test and learn.

We offer customization for all users. You only want to purchase the Chatbot? No problem! Would you like to copy the Test Automation process and purchase the appropriate tooling? We’ll help you!

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