Maykers is a platform we are working on with great passion. We are very proud of what we have built so far and would like to get more enthusiastic people on board - the benefit of having a small team is that everyone who joins makes an immediate impact and can change and improve the product substantially.

We want to put the focus back to the farmers but we start by focusing on our people and giving them the power and trust to take initiative, own their work and put their previous experience into use and share it with the team. Our main objective is creating an environment where people can grow alongside the company, both professionally and personally. This growth usually comes at a fast pace and big steps - another perk of a small team and flexible environment.

We are building this platform to make farmers’ lives easier and enable them to have more time to do what they are best at, but we start by doing that for our teammates. You will not be drowning and fire-fighting every day, we are careful in spotting when people need extra support and development, we want to remove the external contingencies so people can shine and truly show what they can do. Some would say this is atypical for startups, but even though we like going forward quickly we also insist on the work-life balance.

Our Platform will combine different parts of the agricultural chain - putting the pieces of a puzzle together and combining the knowledge and experience to create a strong community of great value for all sides. We are doing the same in our team, with people from all around the world being the crucial part of our puzzle. Not only when it comes to work, just as well when we party to celebrate our successes :)

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