Our philosophy

Rapid – Development – Partner

Software development is in our DNA. Over the years we have developed an approach in which we follow three main principles. These principles guide us in building solid applications that are quick, thought through, future-proof and that allow for growth within the organisation.


Development is becoming increasingly rapid, time windows increasingly narrow. This leads to more pressure on organisations and a shorter time to market for IT solutions. CoolProfs can turn this into an opportunity.

We work in close collaboration with our customers, preferably at our customers’ office space. This way, questions for either side can be rapidly answered. We bring tools and methods that benefit the project to the table.

The low code platform OutSystems gives way to rapid development, but this alone is not enough. Ensuring an agile development process is necessary, considering the ever changing future. We transform your current and future wishes and desires into future-proof architecture and integration opportunities. Our 10+ years of experience in OutSystems strengthens this process.

Smart and rapid development should be at the core of every organisation. We can help you with that. Our Center of Excellence helps your organisation grow and develop in maturity. We will put our best practices to work and we will transmit as much knowledge and skills as possible to your people. We proactively bring different organisations together to share experiences in order to create new insights, to collaborate and to perform peer-to-peer coaching. All this to avoid reinventing the wheel. We enjoy working with IT departments within your organisation. A proactive ecosystem ensures mutual trust and open communication, which makes way for the necessary alignment and synergy.

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