Our Center of Excellence shoulders the burden for your organisation in several areas of focus. This way, you can keep your focus on the development teams and the deployment of the OutSystems technology. Our goal is to ensure a consistent transfer of knowledge and know-how to your organisation.

OutSystems platform
Our Center of Excellence keeps a close eye on developments concerning the OutSystems platform and studies the impact of the newest features. We offer guidance when it comes to deployment and usability of the platform. We also advise about other technologies that could potentially improve the functionality and usability of the OutSystems platform.

Agile development
Our Center of Excellence ensures consistency and standardisation when it comes to working methods in and between development teams.

Architecture & integration
Our Center of Excellence organises workshops on how IT architecture and integration aspects relate to current and future application development. These backlog items can then be executed by the organisation itself or a team from CoolProfs can assist with these improvements.

Experience has taught us that learning-on-the-job is by far the best method of training. That is why our experts have put together a short course and are available for coaching sessions if necessary. On top of that, we regularly organise workshops and inspiration sessions with a goal to ‘teach you how to fish’ instead of serving you dinner

We regularly get asked by organisations to apply a yardstick to their projects. Amongst other things, we examine the quality of the software (code) and the architecture and we assess their method of working. Our best practises play an important role in our approach.

We have seen a growing need in the market when it comes to sharing experience and knowledge. CoolProfs responds to this need by creating communities focussed on different roles/function, areas of concern and sectors.

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