Organisations regularly come to us to evaluate their projects. Our findings and recommendations are backed up by our theoretical methodology, but also by our best practices that we gathered over 20 years of working in application development. This way, we are able to provide organisations with tools to improve their (future) projects.

  • PQR (Product Quality Review)
    We examine the quality of the software (code). Our experts check for consistency and unnecessary duplicates and propose improvements where possible.
  • Architecture Assessment
    We examine the current IT architecture and adaptability to future needs. Our architects gather this information through a number of workshops. Naturally, we include our experiences from other organisations in our recommendations.
  • Way of Working Assessment
    Our Tech Leads collect the necessary information through workshops and/or 1-on-1 interviews. They include their findings in their recommendations.
  • Platform Quality Review
    We assess existing OutSystems environments, including developed OutSystems applications. With our past experiences from multiple organisations, we present recommendations on how to increase its quality.

OutSystems projects don’t always go as planned. When budget and time limits are exceeded, many organisations debate discontinuing the project and reconsider their next steps. This is where CoolProfs enters the stage. CoolProfs will help organisations to assess the situation by providing a Second opinion and in certain cases take on the entire project.

We use our three-step Project Recovery Method

  • Product Quality Review (PQR) : What is the current situation? What is the quality of the software?
  • GAP Analysis: What does the organisation need? What is the budget? What is the deadline of the application? Does it fit in with the current architecture and application portfolio?
  • Recovery Plan : Provide a detailed step-by-step plan on how we can turn the project around to ensure success for the customer.
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