The RET (Rotterdam Electric Tram) is a dynamic and modern public transport company in the Rotterdam area. Every day around 600.000 travellers use the bus, tram, metro or fast ferry and rely on the accuracy of the timetables.

Ideally, all trams, metros and buses ride on schedule, but even the RET cannot avoid planned and unplanned disruptions. The RET is doing everything in its power to minimise inconveniences by offering its passengers in a timely manner correct information about incidents, diversions and delays. This is done through no less than nineteen different communication channels; from the RET's website and Twitter to the public transport travel information website and dynamic information panels at stops and in vehicles. CoolProfs developed an application that allows the RET's passenger information agents to operate all communication channels in an efficient and consistent way.

In case of a public transport offense, the committing passenger risks a fine or a travel ban. The time to receive the actual penalty amount, after writing up the official report, was too long. This was mainly caused by the large amount of processes that were involved. Together with CoolProfs, the RET developed a user friendly mobile application as well as an application for the front and back office in order to better support regulatory and legal changes. This is the RET Social Security System.

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