Rijk Zwaan

This family company develops vegetable varieties and produces the seeds that are sold to growers around the world. Rijk Zwaan is among the global top five of vegetable seed companies. The company breeds over 25 types of vegetables, including lettuce, tomato, cucumber, paprika and cabbage varieties. Rijk Zwaan specializes in the breeding, production and sale of vegetable seeds for professional cultivation worldwide. The company invests around 30% of the turnover in Research & Development activities each year. Currently around 2800 people worldwide work at Rijk Zwaan and in the coming years this will grow to 4,000, with the number of new employees increasing especially in the Netherlands.


Rijk Zwaan wants to make a change in the area of software development. It must be faster, better and more efficient. To this end, Rijk Zwaan is using the low code platform OutSystems and has opted for a long-term cooperation with CoolProfs as implementation partner.



Rijk Zwaan recently took the Diagnostics module into production. This allows plant samples to be registered, which must be tested by the Phytopathology Research department. Worldwide, the expertise of the Phytopathology Research department for disease analyzes is used many times a year. Providing the right information is crucial in this. Diagnostics helps with a clear workflow with questions that need to be answered, so that you can work faster and more focused.

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