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Samskip is an international company that offers transport and related services by land, air and sea. Samskip provides her clients with an extensive multimodal European transport network, global conditioned transport and global forwarding. In total, Samskip counts around 1.400 employees in 20 countries.

The company was using a management system that was over 30 years old. Over time, a lot of functionality had been added, but the interface had mostly stayed the same. The system was stable and reliable. Functionality was its main goal. The downside, however, was the steep learning curve to operate the system because its use wasn’t intuitive. Another issue was the overdevelopment of the system; there was little room left for any future innovations and improvements. It was no longer sustainable for Samskip so they went looking for a replacement.

Around 2015, the Enterprise Architect Mutation was introduced at Samskip. They investigated some fundamental aspects and base principles to which their processes had to abide regarding automated processing, one touch data, user friendliness, standardisation and process management.

After a market consultation, Samskip decided to use the Low Code Platform of OutSystems and teamed up with CoolProfs as development partner and Okapion as UX partner.

Because the new system was to be developed from scratch, Samskip placed extra importance on UX to create an easier, more efficient and user friendly environment. Recognisability was key, both for internal and external users. Another factor to be included was the element of fun: users need to enjoy working with the system.

Because of their focus on UX, Samskip now has a beautiful, innovative and powerful system that is ready for the future.

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