Koninklijke Vopak N.V. is the world's largest independent service provider in tank storage, specialising in the storage and transhipment of chemicals, gases and oil products. Vopak's global network of tank terminals are strategically located along major trade routes.

Three years ago, Vopak replaced its existing ERP system with the low code platform of OutSystems. However, the manual transfer of information took up too much time. It created the need for a quicker solution, such as the Cool Data Mover. Vopak can now, with the push of a button, export data from the OutSystems applications or import entire data streams.

About the Cool Data Mover

All organisations working with business software will at some point be faced with the need to import, export, duplicate or delete certain data. There are tools available for conventional software platforms that can automatically migrate data, but low-code platform OutSystems did, until now, not dispose of such a tool. Businesses had to transfer data manually, a task which is both time-consuming and error-prone. CoolProfs created the solution: the Cool Data Mover.

With the Cool Data Mover businesses can import and export data for various purposes with a single click, while remaining GDPR compliant. This allows to complete data migrations in just days rather than weeks.

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