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WoningNet mediates between the housing supply of housing cooperatives in various regions, including Amsterdam and Utrecht, and house hunters. In order to continue to meet the changing demand from housing cooperatives, the housing mediation system needed to be renewed.

After an extensive selection process, WoningNet chose the OutSystems platform in 2016 to build a future-proof, modern and user-friendly system. CoolProfs was chosen as the implementation partner. Both the consultants of CoolProfs and the employees of WoningNet work via the agile and scrum principles. This approach was new to WoningNet and required a different mindset at the time, but now it is the standard working method. The organization works with PI (Program Increment) planning according to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

The rollout of the new system has been successful. New requirements and wishes can be rolled out quickly, and innovative ideas can be embraced. For example, HuisjeHuisje was launched together with Ymere and other corporations. The aim of this home exchange app, which will no longer exist as of 1 December 2019, was to facilitate rental home exchange.

WoningNet is also looking at deploying innovative technologies in other areas to help their clients further in their (digital) services. And CoolProfs is helping them to do so.

The special project was also noticed in the media and in 2019 received a nomination for the Computable Awards in the Digital Innovation of the Year category.

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