Our Approach 

More and more organizations are seeing the advantages of the Enterprise Grade Low-Code platform OutSystems. It allows them to develop software and deliver business value faster. As the IT-landscape grows, they often face challenges. The development process slows down and more bugs are found. A greater part of the IT budget goes towards maintenance instead of new features while the software quality decreases, and more bugs are found. Research shows that it is 640 times more expensive to fix a bug in production than in development. Let that sink in. 

In such a working environment, an organization also reaps the benefits of an agile way of working.

By automating the CI/CD pipelines, organizations will gain more control of the process. Strangely enough, with Low-Code, an implementation of CI/CD turns out to be more complex than you would think. Technically complex because you are further away from the actual code, it is baked into the platform. Culturally complex as well, a behavioral change is needed, and more responsibility sits with the developer. Now what?

The CoolProfs SDLC-Suite and our Way of Working 



CoolProfs has improved the existing functionality of the Low-Code platform OutSystems using standard software components and other available technologies. The result is a 100% automated CI/CD pipeline available for OutSystems. We call this our SDLC-Suite. In this Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) solution we have focused on controlling risk: compliance and security measurements are provided out-of-the-box.

The CoolProfs SDLC-Suite provides you with:

+ Predictable value creation
+ Development teams which deliver what they promise
+ Business and IT celebrating joint successes
+ Productive and efficient IT employees 

A successful and automated CI/CD pipeline calls for both innovative technology and an adjusted way of working in order to maximize the return on investment. We are fans of the concept Shift Left: A daily focus on quality improvements through two focus areas: 

Built-In Quality.
Automate where possible. This reduces human handling and therefore results in less errors. Automated testing is integrated into the solution, just like proactive monitoring of the software performance.
Daily Deployment.
Developers deploy their code to the CI/CD pipeline on a daily basis and have feedback waiting for them first thing in the morning. If there are any errors or bugs found in the code they know what to do and can immediately take action. This ensures an increase and continued focus on code quality which allows for safe and controlled scalability.
Release on demand.
Is also one of the principles supported by the pipeline supported and contributes to flexible  
and predictable software development. 


In order to gain maximum optimization from an SDLC, clear working agreements and lines of communication are needed. CoolProfs has developed a Way of Working that goes hand in hand with the SDLC-Suite which we also implement in your organization.


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