Cool Monitor

Monitoring for OutSystems

Monitoring is making the operation and performance of the IT systems visible to ensure that everything is functioning optimally to support the business processes.

Cool Monitor: monitoring the OutSystems environment

Every IT department wants visibility into the performance of its systems. What is going well, but more importantly; which components are under stress? How do applications perform at peak load and where do those error messages come from anyway?

A monitoring solution makes everything clearer. Standard monitoring solutions provide what you need for basic analysis. But what if you want faster, better and more insight into performance? And when you really want to work with that information? Monitoring is an essential part of any innovative software development process, such as CI/CD development. The more information you can retrieve, the better and faster you can react when something goes wrong.

The performance of IT systems plays a major role in usability. A business application that crashes frequently causes frustration in the workplace. A software product that reacts too slowly or displays error messages makes customers walk away.

Without monitoring, you may realize this when it’s too late. Who knows how many people you have lost? There are different stages of dealing with performance knowledge, ranging from ignorance and long resolution processes to complete insight and even being able to predict issues:

Ultimately, every IT department would prefer to prevent performance problems. The more a company commits to monitoring, the faster it will achieve this goal.

We developed Cool Monitor to make this ultimate goal achievable for OutSystems environments. Cool Monitor provides comprehensive visibility into OutSystems performance.

What are the benefits of using Cool Monitor?

  • Faster detection and information delivery if an incident occurs.
  • Instant access to log & trace information for root cause analysis.
  • Transparent and informative dashboards.
  • Management information on hardware and software availability and usage.
  • Integration with channels like Slack, Teams, ServiceNow, Jira and others.
  • Extendable with custom dashboards as desired.
  • Based on the Open Source Elastic Stack; Elasticsearch, LogStash and Kibana.
  • Scalable to your own situation and needs.

Monitoring at WoningNet

WoningNet’s advanced Residential Real Estate Mediation (WRB) system brings housing supply from affiliated housing associations to the attention of registered house hunters. The scarce housing supply is distributed on the basis of sometimes very complex national and regional laws and regulations.

The WRB has thousands of applications every day and a lot of peak load. CoolProfs helps WoningNet with a comprehensive monitoring solution to keep a better eye on the systems and even make preventative adjustments.

How is your system actually performing?

How much time does your organization actually spend analyzing and resolving incidents? Is it too little, or perhaps too much? Does anyone have insight into this?

We would be happy to map out the incident analysis time for you. Ask about the possibilities of a free Cool Monitor Analysis for your organization.