Cool Data Mover​

Ultimate data management for OutSystems

Tests, migrations, bug fixing and/or backups. Being able to move data quickly and without errors is crucial in these types of actions. CoolProfs developed the Cool Data Mover, the first fully integrated component for automated data migration between OutSystems environments.

You can find the Cool Data Mover in the OutSystems Forge, but you need to request a trail here, by clicking the red button on the right.

Thanks to the Cool Data Mover, our quality assurance has greatly improved. It has proven to be an essential tool when rolling out new functionality.
Rainforest Alliance

The Cool Data Mover has many applications, some of which are:

Bug fixing

Copy a dataset from the production environment to the test environment to reproduce and fix a bug.

Testing and acceptance

Copy production data to the acceptance environment for the ultimate representative acceptance test.

Migration scenarios

Automate data migration between applications and environments of different organizations.

Master data synchronisation

Synchronise master data and make it available to the whole organization.


Back up, categorise data and restore selectively by application. Efficient. Secure.

Training and demos

Train new employees with a representative dataset and create realistic demos.