You are in control

The SDLC-Suite makes software development using the high performance Low-Code OutSystems platform.
Maintainable. Predictable. Scalable. 

Ensuring quality in the daily development process. Responding quickly to performance issues. Embedding security in the software. Making compliance requirements top of mind in the IT team. Leaving competitors miles behind. Being a great employer.

There are plenty of reasons to improve your software development lifecycle (SDLC). Whatever your goal, the CoolProfs SDLC Suite provides all the tools to make this a reality for OutSystems low-code environments.

In the SDLC Suite, we optimally deploy standard OutSystems functionalities and complement them with available high-end technology and software components developed by us. The aim is a 100% standardised and automated CI/CD.

Security and compliance measures are built into daily operations, as are monitoring and quality control. Combined with the CoolProfs Way of Working, this greatly reduces cost items such as bugfixing and unexpected downtime. The software development process is once again manageable and predictable.

With our SDLC-Suite, you deliver on the low-code promise.
The CoolProfs SDLC-Suite offers solutions for:

Azure DevOps integration,
Configuration Data Management,
Test Data Management,
Quality Control,
Test automation, and
the decoupling of Release and Deployment.