Cool Model

An architecture model for OutSystems

Always up-to-date insights into the software architecture of OutSystems applications according to the C4 model.

Cool Model has been developed in-house by CoolProfs for visualizing an (OutSystems) architecture model. Creating architecture diagrams takes a lot of time. And yet they are important. For the overview in a complex IT landscape. For planning purposes. Or for training new developers.

The software consists of three parts:

The Harvester runs on OutSystems’ own platform and collects the metadata.
The Workbench reads in the metadata and lets you capture the relationships between applications, modules, extensions, end-points, roles, teams and the like.
The Visualizer graphically displays the C4 model.

Cool Model is part of the CoolProfs SDLC Suite, an indispensable suite of products for those who want to master OutSystems’ CI/CD.

CoolProfs SDLC-Suite

What are the advantages of using Cool Model?

Insight into the levels of the application landscape
Your architecture model is always up-to-date
Visualizing future situations
Inducting new team members

What does your architecture look like?

Does your software architect spend a lot of time drawing out the architecture model? And is that model almost immediately outdated again? Does it take a lot of time to find out the correct state of affairs? Do you want to know which modules are called where? Where circular references are located?

All this is possible with Cool Model. Ask for a no-obligation demonstration.