Road to ODC

Embark on a journey with CoolProfs!

Welcome to the Road to ODC, where the future of software development is taking shape. OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC) represents a new way of working where speed, efficiency and quality are key. With OutSystems software development support, we are migrating existing applications to ODC and preparing for the future.

What is ODC and why is it important?

ODC is the final destination for all OutSystems software development. It is a cloud platform on which you build, run and manage applications. OutSystems has announced that it will no longer support version 11 after 2029. Therefore, it is crucial for everyone to make the switch to ODC on time. This will ensure continuity while giving you access to the latest features, such as scalability and AI deployment.

How do we get to ODC? 

The journey to ODC is similar to planning a trip to a new destination. We determine where we are going, when we will start, how we will get there and what we will do there. This process involves taking stock of current resources (people, organization, processes, technology and finances) and determining the steps needed to make the transition. It is a methodical approach that ensures a smooth and successful transition.

The role of CoolProfs 

CoolProfs plays a crucial role in this transition. We have been an OutSystems partner from the very beginning and have a deep understanding of the needs of OutSystems users. CoolProfs brings a suitcase full of tooling, a way of working, and the necessary support and guidance. From implementing quick wins to professionalizing the way you work, CoolProfs is like a tour guide that helps you achieve goals and gain optimal benefits.

Cooperation and innovation 

The road to ODC is not only a technical journey, but also one of collaboration and innovation. Sharing best practices, learning from each other and identifying areas for improvement are essential for success. CoolProfs facilitates this through events such as communities and workshops, where OutSystems users come together to share experiences and learn from each other.


The Road to ODC is an exciting journey that can put you ahead of the competition. With proper preparation and guidance from CoolProfs, success is assured. Begin your journey now and gain an early advantage!

What does the Road tot ODC look like?

  1. Defining a route: Cool Model
    To get a jump start on our Road to ODC, we developed Cool Model. You can easily map your entire application landscape. Next, we will determine together which route(s) to take: migrate, rebuild or phase out. And we can assist you every step of the way.
  2. Preparing for the transition
    During this phase, we help your team(s) work with ODC and adapt your processes where necessary. Together, we can determine how and how fast the road to ODC will be traveled.
  3. Migrate, rebuild or phase out
    Once we’ve mapped out the applications, we can start to implement the route. Whether you choose to migrate, refactor or start building in ODC immediately, CoolProfs is your OutSystems expert. Our experts are ready to assist every step of the way.
  4. Successful migration and transition to ODC
    After our journey together, we’ll keep in touch. Cool Monitor allows you to keep a close eye on your OutSystems platform and stay ahead of issues. We can even take full control over your entire OutSystems platform if you wish. We’re happy to help.