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To the right you will find the latest versions of the Cool Data Mover files which you can download. For further questions please contact us at

Version 2.7.0 is a mandatory upgrade version and cannot be skipped. This version contains a conversion timer which will convert the internal database structure of the Cool Data Mover. So, if you are upgrading the Cool Data Mover on your environment(s) from v2.6.10 or earlier then v2.7.0 is mandatory and needs to be installed before upgrading to any version later than v2.7.0.
Conversion will be done automatically after installation via the Timer_Conversion timer in the CDM_StaticMigrator module.
The above does not apply if you’re installing the Cool Data Mover for the first time on an environment (and therefore no upgrade is necessary).

The Cool Data Mover also provides several add-on tools and components which can be downloaded from the Forge:

The Cool Data Mover Scheduler
A LifeTime plugin to define and run schedules (adhoc, daily, weekly, monthly) for data moves that need to run regularly.

Custom Data Transformation
A module in which you can define your own data transformations/anonymizations which are used during export runs for the Cool Data Mover.

Cool Data Model Info
An easy to use standalone tool which lets you download a spreadsheet containing all relevant information on your entities, attributes and relationships in your data model.

You can find these components here.