Technology makes software development processes maintainable, predictable and scalable.

CoolProfs has perfected and improved the CI/CD solutions for OutSystems to achieve 100% automation of the deployment pipeline, all standardized and out-of-the-box. We optimally make use of existing OutSystems functionality together with developed software components and other available technology while adhering to rigid risk, compliance and security policies within our customers. Unplanned work is therefore reduced to a minimum. The maintainability and predictability of the software development process increases by an average of 20%.

The SDLC-Suite consists of the following components:

Integration Azure DevOps

Cool Orchestrator Advantages
Our advanced and modular pipeline in Azure DevOps lets you orchestrate the software life cycle. This makes it easier to add new steps to the process, alone or with our assistance. 100% automation through a standard process which reduces (human) errors to a minimum.
Cool DevOps Advantages
An application which extends LifeTime functionality by preparing the software in a standard and controlled way for a perfect configuration towards the Cool Orchestrator. Daily automated deployments are now possible. The basis is set for a Shift Left mindset.


Configuration Data Management

Cool Configurator Advantages
An application to automate and manage site properties, API endpoints and timers. All data is controlled in one simple repository. This avoids errors and frustrations and ensures you never have to search for or forget a site property ever again.


Test Management

Cool Data Mover
The first and only completely integrated OutSystems application to automate data migrations between OutSystems environments. Moving data in a fast and controlled way is critical for successful testing of software, migrating data, fixing bugs en for back-ups. The Cool Data Mover prevents errors from happening and frees up time for the development teams.



Cool Monitor Advantages
An application which sends all OutSystems data to the Elastic search platform in order to monitor and analyze performance. Generate out-of-the box dashboards for data visualizations.

The Cool Monitor offers extended functionality on top of OutSystems Service Center where errors are logged for just 2 weeks, insufficient to spot trends. We have further incorporated AI to spot anomalies of the platform and help draw attention to these.

Development teams now monitor their own performance daily and are therefore able to take action early.

The Platform team is in control of the platform and can shift to proactive support and action.

Cool Audit Advantages
Tracks and documents API logging in Elastic (Cool Monitor) for auditing purposes. Comply with increased risk management and security processes within your organization.


Quality Control

Cool Metrics Advantages
An integration with Google Lighthouse provides automated measurements of quality of OutSystems webpages. Developers can track performance, SEO and PWA before the pages go live. This ensures sufficient quality of the software before going live and allows to make changes proactively.
Integration for CheckMarx (SAST)
Out-of-the-box integration with CheckMarx to analyze the generated code. Compliance by Design made possible.


Test Automation

Integration to JOSF, TOSCA
To allow for Core Layer testing in the CI/CD pipeline, CoolProfs uses both test automation tools TOSCA and JOSF (by Valori). The server and service actions in the Core Layer are made available through this integration which allows for end-to-end testing of: unit tests, integrations between units, API’s and even usage of the actions. Testing becomes a standard part of the Way of Working. Without sufficient test coverage, software will not be deployed to production. The responsibility is owned by the testers and the developers. This Shift Left approach ensures optimal quality of the software developed and avoids problems at a later stage.


Decoupling of Release and deployment

Feature Toggle Management (Forge Component) Advantages
This component is crucial to the success of daily deployments. The CoolProfs R&D Team has selected and approved this Forge Component on both quality and usability for the CI/CD Pipeline. Development teams can adopt the concept of daily deployments by using feature toggling as part of their way of working. Software is sent through the CI/CD pipeline and the team performs daily quality checks of its software. High Quality software is ready to be released once the business stakeholders give their Go. Develop on a cadence and Release on demand is a fact.


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