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Tests, migrations, bug fixing and/or backups. Being able to move data quickly and without errors is crucial in these types of actions. CoolProfs developed the Cool Data Mover, the first fully integrated component for automated data migration between OutSystems environments. Read more about it on the OutSystems Forge. The Cool Data Mover has many applications.

Bug fixing

Copy a dataset from production to test environment to reproduce and resolve a bug.

Testing and acceptance

Copy production data to the acceptance environment for the ultimate representative acceptance test.


Automate data migration between applications and environments of different organizations.

Master data synchronization

Synchronize master data and make it available to the entire organization for greater efficiency.


Back up, categorize data and restore selectively by application. Efficient and secure.

Training and demo purposes

Train end users with a representative dataset without risk of data loss or damage.

Would you like to transfer data once and be completely relieved of all the work involved? Read more about our Migration-as-a-service.

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