Cool Data Mover



Reduce costs

  • Define a data package once, stage it many times
  • Automatically export,
    delete and import data
  • Less database storage needed in non-production environments by using filters

Why stage data?

To perform system tests, reproduce production errors, demonstrate new OutSystems applications and train end-users, you need application data in each environment of your deployment pipeline. Unfortunately the ‘right’ data is often missing in non-production environments. Therefore testers and users often need to enter all data manually over and over again. How can you solve this problem once and for all, while improving the productivity of rapid application development?


Improve quality

  • Tightly integrated with OutSystems meta model
  • Automatic validation and data consistency check
  • Filters to export subsets
    of production data

Don’t stage all your production data

Some organizations use production data for development and maintenance purposes. A complete backup of the production database would then be created and restored in another environment. This requires good knowledge of the OutSystems platform. Also, restoring a complete production database is labour intensive and prone to error. In addition, using production data in other environments is not efficient because of to the large number of database records and possible conflicts with privacy laws. Another way to stage production data is to develop custom ‘export and import functionality’ in OutSystems using MS-Excel or XML files for every application. The disadvantage here is that if the data model of the application changes, all custom functionality has to be updated too. Finally, if the application portfolio grows over time, it becomes very challenging to guarantee the data consistency in the deployment pipeline.
So how do we solve this final hurdle?

Deployment pipeline environments

  • Development
  • Test
  • Acceptance
  • Production

Our solution: Cool Data Mover

Based on extensive knowledge of system development with the OutSystems platform and database management systems we have developed a unique service to stage application data. The Cool Data Mover service allows you to easily automate the export and import of data between environments on any platform installation (PaaS, On Premise and others).

The advantages are:

  • Tightly integrated to the OutSystems meta model
  • Move data between all OutSystems supported databases
  • Easily define application datasets to stage
  • Single click export, delete and import of data.
  • Fully GDPR compliant


Go to the OutSystems Forge for more information about the Cool Data Mover component:   OutSystems Rocket
Pedro Cardoso

Would you like to know more?
Download the factsheet, featurelist or reference below or contact us at  +31 (0)71 3311623 or coolcdm@coolprofs.com

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