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The Cool Data Mover is fully integrated into the OutSystems platform and can be used with all OutSystems applications. It is database independent which allows it to work with Oracle- and SQL-based servers. The migrated data is protected and the entire process is GDPR compliant. Go to OutSystems Forge for more information.


Bug fixing
The test team can copy an isolated dataset from the production environment to the testing environment. This allows the developers to reproduce bugs and work on the application without risking the loss of data. Meanwhile, production stays untouched.

Testing and acceptance
Test data in a testing environment does not generally represent reality and is very often outdated. By copying data from production to acceptance, we can create the ultimate acceptance test. Personal data is anonymised in this process. Our scheduler allows for regular updates – something which enhances Continuous Deployment

Migration scenarios
When several software environments from different organisations are merged or separated, data also needs to be migrated. Existing applications are sometimes being rolled out into a new organisation and the Cool Data Mover can automate the process of migrating a standard dataset.

Master data synchronisation
Master data can be saved in different formats and systems. The Cool Data Mover helps synchronise the data to make it available to the entire organisation. This doesn’t only increase efficiency, but it also creates new business opportunities.

The Cool Data Mover can provide you with a backup of your data. The data will be categorised and can be selectively restored per application.

Training and demos
End users can practice on a standard dataset that is representative of reality, without running any risk of losing or damaging real data.

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